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Showing 1 - 24 of 114 products
Triton Curry Powder - Bags 4x5kg
Khanum Garam Masala  2x6x100g
Khanum Ground Coriander (Dhaniya) 2x6x100g
Golden Swan Star Aniseed 20x1kg
Khanum Tandoori Masala 20x100g
Bolst's Curry Powder Mild 6x425g
Golden Swan Crushed Red Chillies 20x1kg
Khanum Madras Hot Curry Powder 20x100g
Khanum Madras Mild Curry Powder 20x100g
Khanum Tandoori Masala 2x6x100g
Golden Swan Garlic Granules 22x1kg
Khanum Chilli Powder 6x1kg
Khanum Whole Long Chilli 10x200g
Khanum Fennel Seeds (Soonf) 20x100g
Khanum Extra Hot Chilli Powder 20x100g
Bolst's Curry Powder Hot 6x400g
Bolst's Curry Powder Hot 6x425g
Bolst's Curry Powder Mild 12x100g
Khanum Extra Hot Chilli Powder 6x1kg
Khanum Curry Leaves 15x20g
Khanum Cinnamon Sticks (Cassia) 20x50g
Khanum Ginger Powder 20x100g
Khanum Sesame Seeds (Hulled) 10x400g
Khanum Coriander Powder (Dhaniya) 20X100g

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