10 Ways to Use Squid Brand Fish Sauce

Fish sauce can boost the flavour in everything it is added to and is a great seasoning option, so why are people still scared to use it?

Understanding the salty umami flavour will bring any mediocre meal to a mouth-watering perfection.


Read our ten ways to use fish sauce to get you started on your Squid Brand Fish Sauce adventure…


  1. Salad Dressings:

Summer is almost over, but a good salad is still hard to beat on a hot day; maybe you are keeping fit and healthy. You start preparing the chicken salad you have had every day and feel a little ‘meh’. This is the time to grab that fish sauce! Add a drizzle over your salad with some vinaigrette. Once you try this you will wonder how you lived without it.


  1. Bloody Marys;

Bloody Marys, the popular cocktail from the 1920s. Grab your glass, and add your ingredients, Vodka, Tomato juice, Lemon and …Fish Sauce. That’s right instead of using the usual Worcestershire sauce try adding Squid Brand Fish Sauce. It is a perfect alternative and adds an extra punch.


  1. Salsa Dips:

I love a good, homemade salsa. The fresh, bold flavours of the tomatoes and chillies, a touch of coriander, onions, and lime. To top it off instead of a pinch of salt try adding some fish sauce. The combination of flavours come alive on your tastebuds- all with a little dash of fish sauce.


  1. Stews & Soups:

Squid Brand Fish Sauce can be used as a salt alternative in stews and soups. One of my favourite soups is Thai fish soup, the authentic ingredients are intensified when seasoned with fish sauce. Every mouthful is packed full of flavour. Slow cookers are back in fashion, and I must admit, I love mine (that and my air fryer) It won't be long now when coming home to a nice hot, slow-cooked meal will make my day. Adding fish sauce to a rich beef stew brings the whole dish together.


  1. Prik nam pla dip:

A Thai condiment made with fish sauce, Prik Nam Pla dip goes well with seafood as a dipping sauce. Simple to make with few ingredients. Garlic, Chilli, lime, sugar and fish sauce, that’s it! Add this to your party next to some spring rolls, they will go down a treat.


  1. Pasta Sauce:

Pasta sauce, with my Italian heritage a good, fresh pasta sauce is a must in my house. The Squid Brand Fish Sauce adds a depth of flavour, I know it’s not the traditional way but trust me it is worth it. Add garlic to a pan with oil (not hot oil, you don’t want to burn it). Add your canned chopped tomatoes, basil and some fish sauce. I also add some fresh tomatoes to my sauce. Once cooked add the pasta to the sauce (not the sauce to the pasta). You won't regret it!


  1. Coleslaws:

Fish sauce can be added to any coleslaw, whether it is an Asian Slaw or your everyday coleslaw. Change the salt to fish sauce and let the flavours do the talking.  Quick, simple, and delicious.


  1. Fried Rice:

Nothing beats homemade fried rice, what makes it even more special? Using Squid Brand Fish Sauce! A lot of recipes may say to add oyster sauce; the fish sauce flavour is very similar but has a less subtle flavour adding more overall depth to the dish. Add the fish sauce at the same time as the rice, soy sauce, sesame oil and mirin and stir. You could even add some Flying Goose sriracha sauce to add an extra kick.


  1. Curry paste:

I love a Thai curry, what brings the flavours together is a couple of teaspoons of fish sauce to your curry paste. The rich umami flavour with curry paste brings me pure joy. If you don’t want to make your curry paste, then I recommend trying Mae-Ploy Red curry paste with Squid Brands Fish Sauce.


  1. Grilled vegetables

A simple yet irresistible way to use fish sauce is with grilled vegetables. Prepare some mixed peppers and aubergines. Make a paste with some garlic, olive oil, lime juice and fish sauce and coat the vegetables. Place them on a BBQ until cooked. These veggies won’t be left behind!


Fish sauce is a versatile condiment and there are many more ways to enjoy it. Pick up one of the varieties of Squid Brand Fish Sauce and start loving food again!


Blog Written by Maz Faccini

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